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Located in Metro Manila, Philippines first full one-stop service provider for your e-commerce business

Fixed Price Projects

The key to building your e-commerce business in today’s fervent online buying environment is rapid, cost-efficient order fulfillment.

Receive on time

Our delivery process allows you to transport items more quickly than ever before.

Fast work turnaround

We never keep a customer waiting for a shipment or service since we value their satisfaction. If you want to get your items into the hands of customers more quickly, don’t let time stand in the way; rely on us!


We take pleasure in offering our customers the best quality and most adaptable supply chain solutions. We consistently endeavor to keep our clients’ operations lean while improving the product line.

Import from China

Your shipping logistics must comply with the most recent rules and laws regarding freight shipment, zones, weights, and carrier alternatives, among many others. Fortunately, our fulfillment service comprises a vast network of carriers and carrier management solutions – AIR and SEA freight for all of your domestic and international shipping requirements.

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If you’re an online merchant attempting to keep up with your expanding sales, order processing, and on-time delivery, it’s time to work with us. Fulfillment Ph grows and improves your e-commerce presence with our best-in-class fulfillment services, therefore saving labor and supply costs, fulfilling consumer demands for shorter delivery times, and providing exceptional customer care.


In lieu of waiting for you to have spare time to choose, pack, and ship, our staff will be on their way within minutes. Utilizing a fulfillment center not only expedites your shipment times but also reduces your shipping costs, including taxes and customs fees and ensures that every package shipped to your consumers is in the best possible condition

Virtual Assistant

Our e-commerce virtual assistants have been trained to think on their feet and tailor solutions to the needs of customers. We assign knowledgeable virtual assistants to handle inquiries regarding your online store. We assign a virtual assistant to each and every business with which we partner.

Social Media Marketing

E-commerce and online marketing must work together to improve e-business performance. Our social media marketing services allow our clients to sell their products digitally in a seamless manner.


Fulfillment Ph storage has affordable pricing, making it the ideal place to store inventory for sale. Our company storage for e-commerce is ideal for storing books, toys, clothing, household goods, and electronics, among other items, in a secure and ready-to-ship condition.
You’ll discover that keeping inventory with us is less expensive than renting warehouse space and more handy than operating out of a spare room, garage, or shed.

Shot Inside Warehouse Storeroom with Rows of Shelves Full Cardboard Boxes, Parcels, Packages Ready For Shipment.


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